If the "WRATHCHILD" inside of you cannot wait until "2 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT" and, after overcoming it’s "FEAR OF THE DARK", dares to "RUN TO THE HILLS", where it gets ahead of the "POWERSLAVE" right before the finish, carrying "THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST" on the back....... then finally it can enter the "BRAVE NEW WORLD" of "IRON MAIDEN" and wonder "FROM HERE TO ETERNITY" if "CAN I PLAY WITH MADNESS" is also true for .

was founded in June 2002 as a side-project of befriended musicians, who have been Maiden fans for ages and have taken the chance to form this band with equal-minded guys.

The vocal part is taken over by a lovely young lady called Suzy Q (remember the song by CCR ?). She is as young as only 22 years, and blessed with an incredible voice, loads of talent and a powerful stage-performance. Despite her youth she already joined well renowned artists like HARRI STOJKA, LÖWENHERZ, SEXTIGER on stage and in the studio. Suzy is also busy with her own band “HALLOWS END”.

Guitarist Gerald Bobolik handles the part of Dave Murray for most songs. He was playing, among others, in the Austrian-Hungarian band “OZONE”, and later on in “LANDSLIDE”; he brings the melodic strains in Maiden to its best and is always open-minded for a good glass of beer!

Guitarist Fritz Schmied personifies Adrian Smith (little wonder considering the equality of their names) and, being the mastermind of the successful Vienna-based band “STEAMER”, was, among others, supporting living legend Ken Hensley in Vienna’s Planet Music, after rocking hard in Graz-based legends “SHEKINNAH” for years....and he still rocks loud as loud can be!!

Bassist Wänää came into contact with the band via our guest book. It took just one session to convince us that he’s the man. Wänää is the Salzburg contribution to , he already played Maiden tunes with his band “FUROR” in the past, and with his bass in hand, be it in the rehearsing room or on stage, he turns into an absolute metal-beast! Besides MfJ he rages through the land with recently-found "DIE, DIE!" under the ghostname of Thrash Gordon...

Drummer Slobo is a 25 year young gentlemen currently studying at jazz department of Vienna’s conservatory. His obvious joy in playing, as well as his versatility and power, unfold perfectly in MfJ. His powerful and precise drumming gives the extra kick to pay suitable tribute to a legend like Iron Maiden.

The musicians performing in give free rein to their admiration for Iron Maiden and their enthusiasm really comes across on stage.

In short: rocks like hell!!!