Return to Eferding-Rock City!
The town that bore our singer Suzy wants to get rocked, because they booked us once more!
Be there on November 19th 2011 at the famous Zantoni-pub!


As the one and only IRON MAIDEN stormed the Burgenland this summer, it is our duty, to blow away the last remaining survivors!
Support comes from the RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE-coverband BRAIN DEAD, SIR!


Time for a summer-break
Gigs for Autumn are in planning, so check out our live-link regularely!
Burgenland for the first time, then Upper- and Loweraustria, Styria, .....


We even play birthday-parties!
When our friends from Club Helloween/Simmering are calling we'll be there!
Public party, fans and friends welcome!


Upper Austria again!
This time we will be crushing Suzy's hometown of Eferding! She is eager to give her parents and friends a hellish "hello!"


Another metallic year comes to it's end, so time again, to say "THANK YOU!" to all promoters, bands, friends and fans for your support!
We will be back!!!


Crunchy little party in Simmering!!
The few of You who could find the very hidden club enjoyed a blistering party! After the very cool CREAM-Revival-Band produced lots of hot steam, it was our job to blast off the roof of Club Helloween!
What a funny and LOUD party that was...


New Vienna-gig confirmed!!
Together with the CREAM-revival-band we will rock the infamous Club Halloween in Simmering on Oct. 10th 2010
For details please check our live-link.


Gosh, that was an amazing evening! Thanxx to all the LOUD singing and banging fans!
Also a big thanxx to M.A.U. for organising and leading through this very cool party!
For all those of You who were not there: With "Stand Up And Shout" we paid our tribute to the recently gone Ronnie James Dio!
Rest in peace, Ronnie, Your music will live on!


MAIDEN FÜR JEDEN live at the official IRON MAIDEN-CD-releaseparty on Friday 13.08.2010!!!
Once again, we have the honour, to perform live at this legendary party! For all those who have been there the last time: Welcome back and party on! For those new of You: Come quick or be dead!


The quest for a new guitarplayer has already come to an end!
Our former guitarplayer Gerald Bobolik will join forces with us once more!
As the friendship never stopped and he still is a steaming rocker, the decision was an easy one.
So welcome back Geri, this is going to be a whole lotta fun!!!


For all those of You who are into details:
Our replacement-guitarplayer for the gig at Ottakringer's brewery is Alex Meixner.
He runs the recording-studio 247musicdesign and plays in NEW SIN.
We gladly thank him for joining us for this concert!


Here comes more information on the gig in Ottakringer's Brewery:
Along to an airguitar-contest (win a year's supply of beer!) and some DJs, we will take part in this huge party organized by Vienna's technical university!
We take this opportunity to do us (and You) a pleasure by playing a one-off show with many rock and metal-classics besides of course IRON MAIDEN!
For details check out TU-Hoffest!
P.S.: We will not play Rage Against The Machine but blowers from Twisted Sister, KISS and others...
Be there!


Due to musical differences the guitarplayer Helge and MAIDEN FÜR JEDEN have parted ways.
We gladly could find some shorthand-replacement for the following gigs, after that recruitment for a new axeman/-woman will start!
We will return!


And here comes another one!
On July 02nd 2010 we will rock the Styrian's socks off in Leibnitz!
Powerfully supported by our Compadres from AUSTROZEP!


Right now we have been booked for a huge party in Vienna's largest brewery Ottakringer!
Date: June 5th 2010! For this show we are planning something special, surprising us and the fans!
Details are to follow, so stay tuned!


With two new songs (Invaders, Only The Good Die Young) and a totally renewed setlist we could win our Viennese fans once again!
With a plenty crowd and lots of beer and fun, this turned into a night to be remembered!
Thanxx for Your support, we will return!


Next Vienna-gig confirmed!
On February 11th 2010 we will give the slightly failed double-feature with our friends from AUSTROZEP a second chance. This LED ZEPPELIN-coverband will for the first time present their new singer in Vienna! She's worth checking out, so don't miss it!
Beer, fun and Rock'n'Roll included! For details check our live-link.


As the year comes to an end, it is time for us to say "Thank You!":
Thanxx to all promoters for booking us and caring for us, thanxx to all bands we've played and partied with and of course thanxx to all friends and fans!
You are at least 50% of any good show and our devotion for the music of the world's best band will certainly bring us a couple of great moments in 2010!


Carinthia again!
This time in the winter's cold, but be prepared for a hot show on January 5th in Greifenburg!


Paul DiAnno is coming to Vienna!
As we are already here, we have the honour to warm up the audience, means YOU!!!
Tickets (EUR 13,--) for an evening of blistering MAIDEN-classics are available via office@maidenfuerjeden.com or SMS to 0650/3541974!!


...and the day before we will celebrate a heavy birthday-party in Vienna's "Escape Metal Corner"!
Guests are welcome!


Thank you, Upper Austria, it has been fun!!
So Lower Austria is next, let's see what the bikers from Stockerau got to offer!
Be there on August 15th 2009, 'cause we will!!


Return to Upper Austria!
Obviously our last year's gig went well, we got invited again to headline the current Ramma Damma-Festival in St. Marienkirchen am Hausruck (the city of Rock'n'Roll!)!
Together with the Metallica-coverband MISTREADED und SUPERVISION we will cook the Most!

Scream for me St.Marienkirchen am Hausruck!! :-)


Don't forget: On May 15th we play Vienna again and the next day we will appear at this year's MaiRock-festival in Scheifling/Styria!
Be there!


Due to reasons regarding the promoters, we sadly cannot take part at this year's Erdbeer-festival in Althofen/Carintia.
Hopefully we will rock you next year, so stay tuned!


Even as a birthdaypresent MAIDEN FÜR JEDEN rock! So to be seen at yesterdays 35th anniversary of a Styrian hardcore-MAIDEN-fan, to whom we presented a special two-hour-show.
Thanxx to Mario and the promoter Adrian for this funny party!
For your 40th birthday we will be back, ha,ha!


New Live dates have been arranged!! For details check the Live-Link! Rrroooccckkk!!


MAIDEN FÜR JEDEN on the radio!!
Our drummer Slobo had the chance to give an interview and present a live version of "Moonchild" on Bosnian radio-broadcast "Distorzija" on Radio Fenix.
Well next time it's the BBC.... ;=)


As this year is coming to its end, it is time for a big THANK YOU to all fans, friends, promoters and helping hands for the last year's success!
For 2009 the first gigs have been confirmed (Lower Austria, Vienna, Styria) and more are in plan (Carintia, Salzburg, Upper Austria,...).
As we hopefully see all You happy faces again we close this year with best wishes and a heartly


Thanxx! To all the singing fans who - following the good sound - had a great Krampuz-party yesterday!
The new songs "Flash Of The Blade" and "The Pilgrim" went down really well, so we'll bring them back for sure the next time!


Next Vienna-Gig confirmed! For the first time at the "Szene-Wien" we will lighten up Your pre-christmas-time with old and new MAIDEN-goodies!
Cheaper tickets-in-advance can be ordered directly at office@maidenfuerjeden.com!


Graz rocks! After a two-hour-set the hungry audience wanted more, so we had to play "Children Of The Damned" once more! Hopefullly all seats and desks are damaged not too badly....
A video-teaser from this gig can be found under MFJ live Graz


Graz we are on the way! Loaded with a very special triple-setlist we will play long-forgotten goodies next to approved favourites! So be there at the American Roadhouse on Oct. 11th 2008!


After the very intense gig in Upper Austria we will take a short, but well-earned break. In a few weeks we will start rehearsing for autumn's activities!
Confirmed gig so far: October 11th 2008 in Graz! More is one the way, so stay tuned!


Don't forget: We will rock Upper Austria again:

C-ya at the Most-bar!


Carintia again! Thanx to the cool gig last year we've been invited again, to blast this year's Strawberry-Fields-Festival in Passering. Thanxx for the invitation and let's fetz! Details: live-link!


Grill 'em All! Due to the upcoming warm weather we decided to play an open air-gig with our true metal-friends from Val Sans in Vienna. For time and location please check our live-link!


Knittelfeld rocks! Supporting RENEGADE's CD-release-party was big fun, a whole bunch of MAIDEN-heads made this one really good! Thanxx to them and to the promoter Adrian for a well-organized show and a great performance as Eddie!!!


We even rock birthdays, as seen yesterday on a private party in Vienna's Planet Music-Marshall Cafe! Thanxx to the jubilees and the sitting but screaming headbangers!


Styria we are coming! On invitation of Knittelfeld's powermetal-band RENEGADE we will support their CD-release-party on 26.04.2008! We are looking forward to this one!!


Upper Austrian-gig confirmed! Together with Germany's powergirls HELLS BELLES we'll burn the Innviertel! For details please check our live-link!


Wow, what a cool release-party this was! The "Live After Death"-DVD-sound kicks ass and was a crispy appetizer for our live-performance on yesterdays show! Thanxx to EMI-Austria and the ever-fighting MAIDEN AUTRIA UNITED for the good organisation! Thanxx to all our fans for their loud support! And thanxx to our spare-singer Bettina Brix, who - even after only one rehearsal - did a fine job and and rocked as hard as she could! Check out her own band COVERUP!
What's next with MAIDEN FÜR JEDEN: When our singer Suzy has recovered, there are intense rehearsals on our way to get fit for the upcoming shows: There are plans for Graz, Ried im Innkreis and of course Vienna! So stay tuned!


We sadly have to anounce that - due to a sudden sickness - our singer Suzy will not be able to perform our gig on the 29th of January 2008! Since we do not want to spoil your party, we managed to recruit Bettina Brix as a spare-singer on short notice! With your loyal support and a cool DVD-screening on the way, we will rock the house together!
You can't kill Rock'n'Roll!


Live After Death!!
We are pleased to support the recent release-party for the new IRON MAIDEN-DVD on January 29th 2008! On Invitation of EMI-Austria we will rock you live, before you can chatch the first glimpses on the new masterpiece of our beloved MAIDENs! So check out all details on our live-link, call up your buddies, put on your MAIDEN-shirt and head to Vienna's Planet Music! We can't wait to see you!!


The Quest is over! Finally we have found our man for the job as a second guitar-player! Helge Steffl will from now on back up our band with his university-trained playing and his metal spirit! Please find details on his person and musical background on the "band"-link!

Due to the prolonged search, we sadly have to pronounce, that there will be no more live-gigs for this year! Intense rehearsals will start right now, so we can hit the stage again with full force in the beginning of 2008! If Helge plays "Aces High" as perfectly as he did at our latest rehearsals: Be warned! We will be back with a vengeance!


For all fans of our singer Suzy: On Dec.13th 2007 she is starring the "Barbara Karlich Show", a talk-show on Austria's public-televion-broadcast ORF! Topic: Prejudices! So let's see, what Suzy as a femal fronter of a metal-band has to tell us!


"Scream for me Mödling...!" What can one say, when raging fans storm the stage during "Run To The Hills" for a big singalong?!? Party on, guys!! A big thanxx to Austria's hottest power-metal-warriors VAL SANS for a perfect opening! We'll see ya!!
Meanwhile the search for our new guitar-player is reaching its end, we're all curious who finally will make it!


New live-gigs fixed!
Together with our power-metal-friends from Val Sans we'll bring the house down in Mödling's Mad Stage-Club! Check out the "Live"-link for details! Yes, Geri is supporting us on this one!


You are an IRON MAIDEN-fan, in command of your guitar for rhythm- and soloparts and a motivated hobby-musician (no professionals! our fees won't pay your Ferrari!) who wants to rock stages all over Austria! If you have a down-to-earth-personality, age 17+, male/female, who also likes to go for a beer after rehersals, give us a call: Tel.: 0043 (0)699 / 10415638 (Fritz) or give answer via our homepage! We are looking forward to hear from you!


Time marches on and so do we....even if some of us head for differnt directions! We sadly have to announce that our longtime-guitarhero Geri does not have the energy to fight on with us any longer and has decided to concentrate his power in different activities. We stress that this parting takes place in unbroken friendship and Geri is thankfully helping us with spontaneous gigs until his successor has been found. So thanxx Geri, it has been a funny time and we'll see us backstage for a beer or three!
Good luck, mate!


That'S Rock'n'Roll: A strawberryfield, a stage built from straw, 200 screaming carinthian MAIDEN-fans, a drunk Eddie and a promoter, who - after a two-hour-power-performance - demands one more song! Carinthia is crazyyyy, we have been booked already for next years follow-up, so let's fetz!


Thunder and lightning, storm and rain! That's what apruptley stopped our powerful performance at this year's Donauinsel-Festival. After having played "Transylvania", "The Trooper", "Be Quick Or Be Dead" and "Different World", we had to leave our disappointed fans too early due to the upcoming storm! You missed "Children Of The Damned", "The Number Of The Beast", "Iron Maiden" and "Wrathchild" but don't worry: we will be back to give you the full monty, no shortings, no compromise! UP THE IRONS!


Due to the unofficial IRON MAIDEN-holiday on 31.05.2007 a nice party will be promoted by our true friends from MAIDEN AUSTRIA UNITED at the famous "Escape Metal Corner" in 1070 Vienna, Neustiftgasse 116-118! Cheers!


"Tell me why I have to be a Powerslave...!" Oh yeah, Salzburg kicked ass once again! And so did the singing metal-DJ Tom Schneider from the local radio-station Metallfabrik joining our Suzy at exactly this song! And he did really well!! A big THANK YOU goes out to the top-promoters, the hammmerhard DEFY and of course to our true fans in Salzburg, who stated once more, that Mozart has got balls! We'll be back!


St.Johann-gig delayed! Due to organisational difficulties this gig has been postponed to a date yet unknown. Sorry, but Eddie will try later to destroy this nice city!!


Phu, what a sweaty night! Thanxx to all the headbangers, who made our gig last Saturday such a raging madness! "Phantom Of The Opera" and "Children Of The Damned" went down really well! by the way: gigs in Carintia and Salzburg have been fixed, so stay tuned!!


Oh yeah - we are playing this year's Donauinselfest again! This immense openair-party will feature a special coverband-evening on friday, which we are honoured to play amongst JAILBREAKER, KISS FOREVER, et al; so let the metal begin!!


Our next gig in Vienna has finally been fixed! On March 24th, 2007 we'll rock the house down with a brandnew setlist featuring songs from "Iron Maiden", "Piece of Mind" and "Fear of the Dark"! For details check our Live-link! Be there!!!


Oh yeah, we just recieved a guest-book-entry by Mr. Paul DiAnno himself!!!


Finally sober from the gig in Attersee, we turn the lights down on a very successful year. A big "Thank You!" goes out to our friends from MAIDEN AUSTRIA UNITED, all promoters, bands and of course fans for their incredible support! We will be back in 2007 with new songs and a raging show in Vienna in spring!!!


Upper Austria we are coming!! This year's last gig will be happening along the beautiful Attersee. Together with an AC/DC-tribute band from Tyrol we're gonna raise the roof! Answering many questions: the next gig in Vienna is planned for early spring next year, so stay tuned!


Finally!! We've made it!! From now on a killer-live-version of "Flight Of Icarus" starring our new line-up is waiting to be unleashed upon mankind! check out our download-link and rock!!


Shock on stage!! Latest gig in St.Poelten, our guitarplayer Fritz is rocking through the solo of "Flight of Icarus" as Suzy jumps on him from the side and unfortunately joints out his kneecap! After a short intermission and an improvised sedative of a frozen pizza(!!) on his knee, Fritz carrys on playing!!! What a rocker!!!!


Thanxx to all those fantastic-MAIDEN-bangers at the CD-release-party! You were LOUD!!! Next gigs: St.Poelten and Aftershowparty at the 5-years Planet Metal-Party!


IRON MAIDEN-CD-releaseparty! Due to unchaining the new beast from the boys, EMI-records are holding a pre-listening-party, which we are honoured to support with our live-appearance! For details check out our live-link. Be there!


Just returning from Salzburg, where we headlined the 'Metallic-Arts-Summerfestival', we are still grinning! This gig was our biggest so far, over 500 singing and banging maniacs turned the hell on, our Suzy did one of the best performances of her life, and Eddie came, saw and conquered Mozart's city! A big thanxx to all fans from all over Austria and Germany who came and made this night so memorable!! We will be back!! Brilliant pics can be found in www.jodoschka.com


Good news for all of You: We just fixed our appearance on this years world-famous Donauinselfest!! This festival goes for 3 days and is a big party for over 1 million (!!) people and approx. 50 bands from all over the world!! Yes, even IRON MAIDEN played this venue back in 1986 on their "Somewhere on Tour"-Tour and now it is time for us to bring back some good memories and a hell of a show!!!



Eddie rips up Mozart!!!! MAIDEN FÜR JEDEN will headline the "Metallic Arts-Summerfestival" in Salzburg on June 10th 2006! Besides our powerfull live-performance with new material the very enthusiastic promoters promise 7 more bands from Austria and Germany, a video-wall for the soccer-worldchampionship, a metal-market, barbecue, a cocktail-bar and an aftershowparty til you puke!!! Check out Metallic Arts for details!

Time to kick Mozart's balls :=)!!!!!


Suzy, Wänää and Slobo will play a support gig for THEATRE OF TRAGEDY and GOTHMINISTER with their second project HALLOWS END on April 14th 2006. No MAIDEN-tunes :=( but a wonderful goth-rock-evening!


Next gig: March 17th 2006! Once more we will rock the `Creaktiv`-Club together with our biker-friends from STRICT AREA! We will also present 3 new songs including "Where Eagles Dare" for the first time! Check it out!!


The Beast meets Purple!!! On February 18th 2006 the time will come for The Wicker Man to ride the Fireball to the Brave New World, where the Child In Time lives and recons The Number of the Beast until only Smoke on the Water can stop The Clairvoyant to go Spacetruckin'!! Maiden Für Jeden will share stage with the very professional "Deeper Than Purple"-DP-coverband!!


IRON MAIDEN-DVD-Pre-Screening Night fixed!! On January 1st 2006 EMI-Austria are holding a pre-screening of the new IRON MAIDEN-DVD "Death on the Road"! There will be a lottery with MAIDEN-goodies to win, moderation of our MAIDEN-specialists from "Maiden Austria United" and of course a short but firy gig of Maiden für Jeden!! And even somebody called "Eddie" announced his appearance...


Attention!! IRON MAIDEN-party ahead!! On November 26th 2005 we will celebrate an great evening with our friends of "Maiden Austria United"- the first Austrian Maiden Fanbase! We will play a very special set this night, a lot of guest-musicians are planned to share the stage with us, there will be a DVD-screening and a hell of a Maiden-party 'til the morning breaks!! Cheers!!!


Full-Time-Show in a small, sweaty, but very heavy Club ahead...check out our full-time show of over 2 hours of MAIDEN-classics!! Trooper, Rainmaker, Flight, Wrathchild, Wicker Man, Powerslave, Aces High, Running Free, Number of the Beast, Clairvoyant, and many more!!! Be there!!


Support slot for TONY MARTIN (ex-BLACK SABBATH/ex-WHITESNAKE) fixed!! Date: November 10th 2005. We are pleased to share the stage with a great gentleman in rock, and are looking forward to an evening of SABBATH- and MAIDEN-highlights!!


On Saturday 3th September Susy and Martin have married. We wish them good luck! The wedding party was really "wet", I´ve just recovered today...


Pre-Screening Night of the new IRON MAIDEN-DVD "Death on the Road" is postponed due a change of the the release-date....but stay tuned!!! 01.08.2005

We just returned from an exciting trip to Bosnia, where we had the pleasure to play some gigs and celebrate together with the fantastic audience! These were really special nights and the local Iron Maiden Fans are certainly among the most dedicated anywhere, thus playing there for us was pure joy! Bosnia, you guys rock!!! We want to thank the local organizers and the local bands that shared the gigs with us! A special thank you goes to Slobo, our drummer, who was the driving force behind this little tour, to his friends and his family who made our stay most pleasant!!!

Our next gig is scheduled for August 13th at the Club Halloween (for details see “Live”) where we are looking forward to kick ass with fellow bands Strict Area, Distress, Steal and of course many Maiden-fans!



What a great party last Saturday at the Backstage!!! A big thank you goes out to Eleftheria and Valsans for their fine co-operation and organization – we’re looking forward to another True Metal Night, this package rules! Thank you so much to all the fans for their great support, and a very special thank you to Maiden Austria United for the fantastic spirit and choreography! Our next gig will be on August 13th at the Club Helloween. At the end of July we plan to tour Bosnia for a week or so (more details as soon as we know them) and we also think of recording a demo with our new line-up and provide some new sound-clips for downloading.


On August 25th we will play at the IRON MAIDEN “Death On The Road“-Double-DVD Pre-Screening that is presented by EMI-Music at the PLANET MUSIC. Together with MAIDEN AUSTRIA we will celebrate a huge party. Start: 19:30, ADMISSION FREE!!!!!


Next Gig: True Metal Night at the Backstage on July 2nd 2005! Together with Eleftheria and ValSans we will let our hair down!


The premiere was great, we thank you for coming to the show and supporting us. A big thank you to Bettina for the great time we shared and all the best for the future! We have some photos of the new line-up added to the gallery section. On July 2nd we will play at the Backstage together with ValSans and Eleftheria, on Aug. 13th at Club Halloween and on November 10th we have the great honour, together with No.Way! to support Tony Martin at the Planet Music!!!


The first Austrian Iron Maiden Fanbase is on line! You'll find information about Austrian collectors, Austrian Maiden-activities, information about Iron Maiden and some cool downloads. Check it out!


Hi Maiden Headz,

we weren’t around for the last few months but now it’s about time to get back in the ring!

• First of all the good news, which we guess everybody out there already knows: IRON MAIDEN will honour our country by playing live again ! They will rock the Stadthalle in Graz on Tue, May 31st. So get your tickets and hit the road to Graz!

• On this occasion we would like to thank you for supporting us on our last gigs (we know it’s been quite a while....), and for signing our guest book, thanx , we appreciate.

Well, as mentioned above, we had some time out, because we were confronted with some line up problems and changes, which we now can happily report are solved. Joachim (drums) and Marcus (bass) decided to leave the band in order to concentrate more on their own individual projects. We were not happy about those decisions, but had to accept them anyway. MfJ would like to thank Joachim and Marcus for the time we shared and wish them all the best for their future.

As expected, it was not easy to find replacements, but, after all, we were lucky to find two great guys that fit perfectly in the band:

Our new member on drums, a 23 year young gentlemen by the name of Slobo, is currently studying at jazz department of Vienna’s conservatory. His obvious joy in playing, as well as his versatility and power, unfold perfectly in MfJ. The new guy on bass, Werner Vorhofer, came into contact with the band via our guest book. It took just one session to convince us that he’s the man. Werner is the Salzburg contribution to MfJ, he already played Maiden tunes with his band “Furor” in the past, and with his bass in hand, be it in the rehearsing room or on stage, he turns into an absolute metal-beast!

Just when we thought the changes to be completed and the band ready to restart, Bettina told us of her plans to quit singing for MfJ. We were everything else but amused but Bettina had already made arrangements and proposed her own successor. This lovely young lady, called Suzy Q (remember the song by CCR ?) is as young as only 20 years, and blessed with an incredible voice, loads of talent and, in addition to that, has the necessary professional attitude. Despite her youth she already joined well renowned artists like Harri Stojka, Löwenherz, Sextiger on stage and in the studio. Suzy is also busy with her own band “Hallows End”.

So, at the end of the day, the change on vocals, happens to turn out easy going, and MfJ again are highly motivated, in best mood, and are looking forward to celebrate IRON MAIDEN tunes, together with you guys, on our next shows. Our next gig is scheduled for Sat, May 28th (as an appetizer for the IM-gig in Graz 3 days later) at the Baraku bar in Mödling (for more details please go to the LIVE section). This gig will be Bettina’s farewell show and the premier for Suzy, Werner and Slobo.

We’re very much looking forward to seeing many of you showing up!

Up the Irons!


We´re on stage again! We´re headliner of the ROCK CLASSIC NIGHT on 16.9.2004, PLANET MUSIC! Burn Again and Free 2 Fly will be with us.


Due to reasons we cannot influence the gig on 22.5.2004 at GRAFFITI has to be postponed to July!!! SORRY!!!


We´re working on new songs, did some photos (Karl you´re great!!!) in the "Foltermuseum", which we´d like to thank for the friendly support, and we´re gonna play live again! On 20.3. at BARAKU - BAR, on 24.4. at HAWIDERE and on 22.5. at GRAFFITI.


Because of illness the METAL X-MAS PARTY on 20.12. is cancelled!!!


Last gig this year: 20.12.2003, Durdak´s Loft, METAL X-MAS PARTY with Nasty Habits. More informations under LIVE!


The gig in Alland is cancelled!!!


We´re on stage again! Next Gig: 26.9.2003, Planet Music, 20 Jahre SEXTIGER, with Stefan Weber&Drahdiwaberl, Hansi Lang, Klaus Schubert&No Bros, Chuzpe and many more...

On 23.10. we hit the Zugabe and on 31. October we celebrate HALLOWEEN in Alland! More informations under LIVE!


Finally we´ve made it! Our new homepage is online. Have fun with it!

Special thanx to Iron Maiden, all the Iron Maiden Tribute Bands, Iron Maiden fan-sites, Beate and Firestorm, Stefan and Michael for the pics and last but not least to our webmaster Daniel Mahlberg, who finally has spent his spare time in a suggestive manner!

For technical problems just click on Eddie´s hand on the gravestone.